Wishbone Offense in Football

The wish bone offense is named for what it really looks like – a wish bone. You know, that silly little poultry bone you and your siblings fought over to see who would get the bigger piece.

Well, a wish bone kind of looks like a Y, and in football, the Y is upside down. See below:

what is the wishbone offense

A wish bone is used most often when a team is planning to run and they have two really strong backs who are both most like a tail back. That means they are better runners than blockers. There is also a ‘blocking back’ called a full back directly behind the quarterback. The whole point is to make the defense commit to who is going to get the ball before the guy actually gets the ball. That gives the offense the advantage. If they can guess where the defense is guessing and can go the opposite direction, the offense has the advantage. To be effective on offense or defense, it takes discipline.

Discipline for the offense to hang tight and read what the defense is doing correctly. Discipline for the defense to stay in the area or with their player they are supposed to defend and not get caught up in the magic the offense tries to sell them. This is a pre-cursor to the triple option employed by several college teams (including Melissa’s GT Yellow Jackets).

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