Congratulations on a fantastic season. I think we all had a blast and learned some things about being a part of a football pool. Our season winner came down to a 2 way tie with two folks having the exact same record after 15 weeks. Can you believe that? I even went back to see who won the most individual weeks and they tied there too!

So,I guess the winner of the inaugural Flip the Field College Football Pool is actually 2 winners:



Congratulations to you both!! 201 wins and being over 500 is outstanding.

Here are the top 10 for the season!

college football pool

The top 10 finishers will all receive a Flip the Field t-shirt. Please look for a message from us through the football pool website to obtain your mailing information to provide you your prizes. Thanks for playing our football pool. We will open the Bowl Pool in the next couple of days so please be on the lookout for that as well.

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