FSU vs. AuburnTonight is the night. The BCS National Championship Game between Florida State and Auburn.

Last Spring,124 teams started Spring Ball with one goal in mind….a national championship.  Only two now have the chance tonight.

This Fall, there were 25 teams in the pre-season top 25 rankings, Florida State was not in the top 10 and Auburn was nowhere on that list.

Florida State blew out nearly all of their opponents this season. Auburn barely won their last games of the season and relied on a whole lot of luck to do it.

Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy and today is his 20th birthday.

Tonight marks the last BCS National Championship Game in this format since the BCS started in 1998.

Tonight, there will be one champion. Will Famous Jameis and Florida State beat the snot out of the Auburn Tigers or will Auburn pull another magic rabbit out of their helmet and beat Florida State?

This is the first time in who knows when that the ACC has gone to more bowl games than the SEC, but as is the norm, the SEC has dominated their bowl games and the ACC has been slaughtered. Will that be the case in this ACC/SEC matchup tonight?

Well, on paper, Florida State will be the clear winner but I’m not so sure that will be the outcome. Auburn has a great team and clearly a talented coach who knows how to prepare his players for a big game. Tonight we will find out what happens.

Who are you for? This is a game not to miss. Enjoy it.

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