Why do some wide receivers in football stand off the line of scrimmage?

This may also be called, “in the slot” or “off the line”.

This is because of the guys on the line, only the 2 guys furthest to the outside are eligible receivers (blah, blah – that means they are allowed to catch the ball if it is thrown to them).

wide receiver off the line of scrimmage

In the formation above, the eligible receivers would be the TE (#1) and the bottom WR (#7) because they are on the line and the furthest to the outside. But does that mean the other 2 WR’s can’t catch the ball? No, they can! That is why they are standing slightly behind the line. It makes them a ‘back’ so they can catch it too as can the running back. That gives the QB 5 guys to throw it to and thus means 5 guys for the defense to watch out for.

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