Why are there so many players in football

Why are there so many players in football?

Each football team has a lot of players on it (sometimes around 100 with probably around 50 playing in a game). Why so many? Baseball and basketball teams don’t need so many, right? Well, in football, each person is very specialized to individual positions and there are many different sub-teams to the team.

So, how to explain in a ‘layman’s language’…hmmm…let’s think about cleaning your home. A broom is great at sweeping but it can’t mop. And a mop is good at mopping but it can’t dust. And a feather duster can dust but…well you get the point. This is the same¬†with football players. Some guys are fast, some guys are strong, some guys are big and strong and can fill a hole, some guys can kick, some can catch and some can throw. Now, of course, there are those that can do several of these things at one time and that makes them even more sought after for their versatility.

A team generally has multiple sub-teams on them, also called a unit or a personnel group.  Personnel groups are groups of players put together for certain plays. Maybe it is a short yardage package for a down like 3rd and 2 yards. Perhaps they are for long yardage like 3rd and 15 yards. These groups compete against each other too.

There are generally separate units for offense, defense, and what they call special teams. Sometimes a player will be on more than one of these units but not very often, especially if they are a starter. However, it does happen.

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