I pulled this off of a friend’s facebook feed (with permission) a couple of weeks ago. She has a daughter who just started her freshman year at the University of Georgia.


Guy at work this morning: Your daughter at UGA must be so excited about tomorrow!
Me: Oh. What?
Guy: The game!
Me: (mentally running through a list of sports in attempt to figure out which one we’re talking about, quickly setting on football): Oh. Right. The game!
Guy: What a game to start her college career with! I hope she doesn’t start thinking they are all going to be like that one!
Me (trying to act like I am in the know on these things): oh, yeah. I know. That would be bad.
Guy: Hopefully they don’t [random football words] tomorrow like [other football team I can’t remember name of] did last night.
Me: I know. That would not be good! That would be very bad.
Guy: Oh man, I wish I was going! I want to hear all about how she likes it!
Me: Right. Um, go Dawgs!

So, this is why you need Flip the Field. If she followed us, just a bit, she would have known that UGA was playing one of the only ‘real’ football season openers. They were playing against one of their biggest rivals, Clemson, in a big game with both teams ranked in the top 25 pre-season poll.

She also would have known that the Thursday game between Texas A&M and South Carolina ended with the Aggies dominating the Gamecocks who were left to scratch, hunt and peck for just a few points here and there.

But, let it be said, I think she did a marvelous job of at least pretending to know and pretending to care.

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