In 2015- All of the 50 yard line markers in NFL games are painted gold. Why? At first you might think it has to do with the individual team’s colors. Nope. All the teams have it regardless of team colors. It sticks out and seems almost a little awkward.

Well the rationale is quite simple. Sort of.

Why are the 50 yard line numbers gold?

The simplest explanation is the NFL is celebrating the 50th Super Bowl this year. In order to look forward to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they have all the NFL teams using gold paint for the 50 yard line numbers on the field. Get it? 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary. Seems like a good idea. Adds some hoopla for the entire season as we wait for the big game.

So really, why are the 50 yard lines gold?

Well, the real truth is that after 49 Super Bowls of using Roman Numerals, the NFL realized that Super Bowl L just looked stupid. Bad optics. So they need some kind of distraction around changing 49 years of history. This year, the Super Bowl will be known as Super Bowl 50. They’ve killed us for years with Super Bowls like XLVIII where we all have to say, huh? What number is that? This year, we get Arabic Numbers instead. Just when we had it easy. Maybe they didn’t want people making “the shape of an L on their forehead.”

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