Ok, so Alabama lost and Denise is still in mourning but it is time to look forward to what’s next.

With Florida State and Ohio State winning this past weekend, they remain undefeated and have both moved up one spot to be #1 and #2 respectively. However, they both have a game this weekend as do the #3 and #5 teams against each other so one will lose. That means the National Championship game is far from decided. We thought we’d give you a couple of scenarios.

Who will play in the BCS National Championship for 2013?

Scenario 1:

#1 Florida State beats #22 Duke and #2 Ohio State beats #8 Michigan State – if both #1 and #2 win Saturday, they will play in the BCS National Championship barring something really weird in the BCS polls that allows the SEC champion with 1 loss overtake Ohio State. Highly unlikely.

Scenario 2:

#1 Florida State beats #22 Duke and #8 Michigan State beats #2 Ohio State – if FSU wins and OSU loses, that opens the door for a 1 loss SEC champion (either Missouri or Auburn) to play in the BCS National Championship game. To me, this is highly likely. I think Ohio State is overrated. Urban Meyer is a fantastic coach and Braxton Miller is a fantastic quarterback, but I think Michigan State has a real shot at knocking them off. There is no way a 1 loss OSU maintains the #2 position in the BCS rankings. Whoever wins the SEC will be #2 and will play FSU in the championship.

Scenario 3:

#1 Florida State loses to #22 Duke and #2 Ohio State loses to #8 Michigan State – ok, this is highly unlikely. I don’t see a scenario where FSU loses to Duke but it could happen (especially with the little angel they have on their side). If both #1 and #2 lose, this is where it gets really interesting. Certainly the SEC Champion (either Missouri or Auburn) who would only have 1 loss would be #1. Then it comes down to what other 1 loss team moves into the #2 spot. This would be open to either Florida State, Ohio State or Alabama! That’s right. There is a scenario where Alabama plays Auburn or Missouri for the BCS National Championship!!! Clearly this is the scenario Denise wants. Seems weird but it is ‘possible.’

Which scenario do you think is most likely or which one are you hoping for? Let us know!!

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