FSU vs. Auburn

It’s official. The BCS Championship Game is between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers. Given the matchup, I have an internal conflict going on. Do I pull for FSU because I just don’t have it in me to cheer for Auburn, or do I root for the Tigers so the SEC can continue their streak of domination? This is tough, so let’s break it down for who to cheer for in the BCS game.


Jameis Winston is an outstanding quarterback and, my gut tells me he will win the Heisman this year. He deserves it! He continues to lead his team to victory week after week, despite all of off the field drama. It would be amazing if his winning streak continues. A win for FSU obviously means a loss for Auburn. I’m not a Tiger fan so I enjoy seeing an “L” in their Win-Loss column. It is against my fundamental principals to cheer for them…ever. 


I love the SEC. I believe it is the best conference in all of college of football. They have won the last 7 National Championships and have a chance to make it 8 with Auburn going to the title game. Overall the teams in this conference have the hardest schedule because they play the best teams, it’s as simple as that. A win for Auburn means the SEC will have the best team in the nation for the 8th year in a row.


I believe I will quietly watch the National Game, at home, with my family. I won’t be cheering loudly, or even quietly for any team to win. However, after 60 minutes of play, I would like for the win to go to  Auburn…only so the SEC will continue to reign KING of college football. It will feel that much better when Bama knocks them off their throne in 2014!!

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