BCS rankings

It’s the first official weekend of October and Saturday is the 5th of October. So, what happened on October 5th in history?

  • The Grand Ole Opry radio show started in 1925
  • Harry Truman delivered the first televised presidential address in 1947
  • Beatles release “Love Me Do” as their first single and the first James Bond movie “Dr. No’ is seen in theaters in 1962
  • Denise’s first child was born in 2000
  • Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer in 2011

OK, but how does any of this relate to football. It doesn’t. But what is important about this weekend is  after week 6 is when the official BCS rankings come out. Up until now, we have seen the AP poll, Coaches Poll, and Harris Poll. We have also seen the ‘simulated’ BCS rankings but now there is enough data for the season for the computers and raters to officially rank the teams using this bogus and much maligned ranking system.

Don’t know what the heck we are talking about? We would not be surprised. Even if you do, there is probably more to know. Check out this article on how it all works and why we hate it.

This is a bad week for top teams to have an off game. Everyone who thinks they are ranked will want to establish themselves in the BCS rankings when they first come out. This will also be our first time to see if the computers keep up with what people have been saying about the top 5 teams who are currently:

1. Alabama (SEC)

2. Oregon (PAC-12)

3. Stanford (PAC-12)

4. Clemson (ACC)

5. Ohio State (Big 10)

We’ll see where they end up after the weekend. The suspense is killing me!!

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