First, don’t panic! This can be fun and Flip the Field can help make you look like a rock star. We have a page on the do’s and don’ts of being invited to a game or party. Here is a synopsis and some other important thoughts. Remember, you can ask us a question ANYTIME and we are happy to help you out.

Top 10 things to do when you are invited on a date to a football party:

1. Accept the invitation with enthusiasm even if you are not that excited.

2. Find out who is playing.

3. Find out who your date is cheering for.

4. Find out the colors of the two teams and wear the right colors or at least not the wrong ones. Check out a list of NFL teams and their colors here. For college teams, you probably just need to do a search on the team.

5. Watch the game, at least most of it. It’s not that bad.

6. Don’t ask too many questions. Keep your questions to when the play is stopped.

7. Mimic the fans of the right team. If they jump up and down, give them a high-five.

8. Throw out some of the Flip the Field Pick-up Lines of the week.

9. Offer to get your date food/drink so he doesn’t have to miss the game.

10. Relax and have fun. The worst thing that can happen is you actually start to like football!

Top 10 things not to say when watching a football game with a date!

  1. Those uniforms are so ugly!
  2. Is it almost over?
  3. Those uniforms make his butt look big!
  4. The commercials are better than the game.
  5. Why do grown men slap each other on the butt?
  6. Wonder who is going to be on at half-time?
  7. What’s that yellow thing the people in black and white keep throwing on the field?
  8. Do you think the big-guy in the middle likes having that other guys hands….there?!
  9. I heard they might ban football because it is just too rough.
  10. Why can’t women play?

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