What a weekend of college football!

We had…

  • Upsets
  • Great games
  • Controversial Anchor Down jerseys
  • Slow starts with big finishes
  • Lightening delays to cancellation
  • National championship hopes dismantled
  • Heisman Trophy hopes ignited
  • And so much more

A great first weekend of football.

Clearly, we had plenty of patsy opening games which is typical for college football. There is no ‘pre-season’ schedule in college and it is not easy to get everything just right in practice, you need game speed and you need opponents that are not just wearing your inverse colors.

I personally had the pleasure of watching the mighty terriers of Wofford stay with my Yellow Jackets for far longer than anyone had hoped. Yikes! Not great as you are sweating in the hot sun of a 12:30 kick off, waiting through way too many TV time outs and a team that just had too many nerves in the first half. Clearly, the good Lord made football last for 2 full halves for a reason. Whew!

Notable games this weekend did not disappoint….unless your team came out of the losing end. All the big teams playing not big teams pulled it out, regardless of how ‘un-elegant’ it was  (or is it in-elegant, or something else. I don’t know, I went to Tech. Vocabulary is not my thing).

The only top teams that lost were playing other top teams. The only theoretical higher ranked team that lost was South Carolina, ranked #9, losing to Texas A&M.

We have new Heisman candidates already in the making, including the QB for Texas A&M and the amazing running back from UGA, Todd Gurley! Wow, what a game both of them had.

Todd Gurley University of Georgia Heisman

Todd Gurley – USATSI Photo

Not many teams started strong and finished strong. Most had to deal with the potential scare, regardless for how long, of their team losing to a ‘patsy’. I even had guys yelling behind me at the GT game that it would be embarrassing as a player to get injured playing Wofford.  Uggh!

So who are your predictions for the top 4. Those lucky enough to make it to the “playoffs”?

My choices are:

  • Georgia
  • Florida State
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon

The gauntlet is thrown down. Give me your picks!!  Oh, and Denise, notice that Alabama is not in my list.

By the way, there are still a couple of games left!! You’ve got to love college football.

Tell us what you think!