Where girls learn to love footballSo Melissa and I just got our new Flip the Field shirts and we were SO excited we wore them to the Ponce de Leon Beerfest on Saturday. To prevent us from being total “twinsies”, Melissa wore the long sleeved one and I wore the short sleeved version (Melissa could not have handled it otherwise).

It’s no secret, I am just slightly more “endowed” than Melissa and I would gladly trade places with her in that department. Anyway,  when I was walking around at Beerfest, I noticed there were a ridiculous amount of men and women (old and young) staring at my chest as I was sampling different beers. What’s interesting is that I couldn’t tell if they were staring at my boobs (I was wearing my really good bra that day) or if they were reading the “Flip the Field” logo that was strategically placed nicely across the chest. I told Melissa about my experience and we decided that she would be the true test. She comes back from getting her samples with a simple, “They were staring at my chest too. Must be the shirt!”

Here’s your chance to order your custom Flip The Field shirts so you can have people stare at your chest..I mean shirt…all day, too!
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