Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands

Flip the Field is starting a new series of videos to help make you learn a bit about football penalties, the signals for the penalties and when they are called. Here is our first attempt. We hope you enjoy! Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands Let’s break it down a bit here. What is Illegal […]

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NFL 53 Man Roster

What is the NFL 53 Man Roster? In the NFL, each team is allowed 53 active players. After the pre-season is complete, there is a deadline for each team to decide on their official 53 man roster and all those that don’t make the team are then eligible for waivers to play for another team. […]

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What Happened College Football Week 1 2014?

What a weekend of college football! We had… Upsets Great games Controversial Anchor Down jerseys Slow starts with big finishes Lightening delays to cancellation National championship hopes dismantled Heisman Trophy hopes ignited And so much more A great first weekend of football. Clearly, we had plenty of patsy opening games which is typical for college […]

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georgia football

Georgia Bulldogs Season Outlook

This could be the year for the Dogs By: Mark Bryson, Award-winning Journalist August 30, 2014 This could be the year. And that’s what is good about being a Georgia Bulldog fan – any year could be the year. Looking forward to the 2014 campaign, this could be the year the Dogs beat Clempsin, Spurrier, […]

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Notre Dame Leprechan

College Football Conversation Starters for Week 1

Ok, so we used to call these ‘Pick-up lines’ but so many of our followers are really not picking anyone up anymore. However, everyone needs a good conversation starter at a party, bar, boardroom or on the sofa next to your spouse. Wherever you find yourself watching or talking about football, these will help get […]

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Planning a Football Party

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! You know what that means….time to start planning a football party!!! Here are some basic key factors when planning a football party: TIME: This might not seem like a big issue, but it is. Are you focused on having a party on a certain day and […]

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Kenny Hill better than Manziel?

Steve Spurrier rarely loses at home, and he certainly doesn’t lose his home opener. He hasn’t done that since 1989 when he was at Duke! The Gamecocks didn’t stand a chance yesterday from the very beginning. Kenny Hill and the Texas A&M Aggies ran all over the Gamecocks handing Spurrier the worst lost of his […]

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Texas A&M Scouting report

First night of college football 2014

Wow! Tonight is the night Denise and I have been waiting for since January 6th of this year when Jameis Winston held up the BCS National Championship Trophy! Now, it is a new season, new players, newly aligned conferences and a new championship ‘playoff’ process and trophy! It is going to be a great season, […]

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Bear Bryant College Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame for Families

If you are of the mindset that the College Football Hall of Fame is only for the die hard fan, you are so wrong!  It is for the every type of football fan and is VERY family friendly.  I honestly believe that it will soon become an attraction as exciting for the kids to go to as any […]

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Enjoying the college football hall of fame

Enjoying the College Football Hall of Fame….as a non-fan or a new fan

Are you stuck going to the College Football Hall of Fame as someone who doesn’t care the first thing about football? The crowd is going and you feel like you have to go? Or maybe, you are just new to the sport and need some direction on not getting overwhelmed and making the most of your […]

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