Are you ready for football?

In order to get ready for football season, there are a few things you need to do NOW in order to get the most enjoyment out of the season. It’s not a complicated list, but trust us, if you are adequately prepared, you will be able to focus on the games, and not the other […]

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should my son play football

Why you should care about football this season…every season

Are you ready for some football!!! If you are still looking for reasons to get excited about a bunch of guys running around in tight pants, getting all sweaty with their muscles bulging (as if that’s not enough), let’s see if we cannot give you a few more. Click here to see our top 10 […]

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steven rhodes former marine football mtsu

A bunch of bureaucrats got this one right, finally!

Steven Rhodes – Former Marine – Allowed to Play at MTSU Steven Rhodes was 19 years old when he decided to join the Marine Corps. He served our country 5 years. He achieved the rank of sergeant. He is a married father of two. After he retired from the Marines this summer, he decided to […]

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football rule changes 2013

Be on top of your man this season!

If  you ever picked up the 210 page NCAA Official Rules Book, you’d want to shoot yourself by page 3 of the Charlie Brown teacher ‘wah wah wah wah’ garbage. However, every year, kind of like the US tax code, they decide to add more to it. Most guys have no idea about these changes […]

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Are they speaking Greek?

I recently was watching Sport Center when I heard one of the commentators say: “We’ll find out how RG3’s ACL is after we see him run the option from the pistol”. Seriously!? And they wonder why women don’t watch these shows and why most of us don’t want to watch football. It’s intimidating. It’s confusing. It’s […]

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The Story of Eric LeGrand

A story of hope Do you know: who Eric LeGrand is? where Rutgers University is? what you were doing October 16, 2010? Let’s start at the beginning. Eric is a former football player for Rutgers University. Rutgers University is the state university of New Jersey in New Brunswick (exit 9 for those of you who understand […]

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Welcome to Flip the Field

Welcome! We are so glad you have found us. This is where girls learn to love football. When we say girls, we really mean anyone of the female species. If you are a man, feel free to subscribe, like us on Facebook and please refer us to your female friends. Sadly, you are unable to […]

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Football season is finally here. I love everything about it! The games, the rivalries, the parties, the stories, the weather. You name it! Our weekend schedule is centered around what games are being televised, and we LOVE it! I am truly in my happy place! I am […]

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College Coaches Pre-Season Poll – Rankings for 2013

So, it is out! The college coaches pre-season poll ranking the top 25 teams as determined by the coaches. This is always something to brag about by the teams but sometimes it is perceived as a curse. We’ll see what happens this year.  The rankings are the best guess as to where the coaches think these […]

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