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Football Conversation Starters – Week 8

This weekend will surely put some separation between the boys and the men! There are some big games with big consequences. Teams with dreams of being in the playoff picture will have those dreams smashed. It’s just a matter of finding out who. Football conversation starters for this weekend. Todd Gurley, the phenom running back […]

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How many times can you throw the football in one play?

While listening to a recent game, I heard a play where the quarterback threw the ball….twice! He threw it the first time and it was blocked by a defensive player. The quarterback caught it and threw it again to an open receiver who caught the ball. So, is that allowed? How many times can you […]

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Mississippi State

College Football Conversation Starters – Week 7

This will most certainly be another great weekend in college football as the race to lead conferences continues to play out. More undefeated teams will fall and perhaps some clarity will be gained in some of the conferences. Elsewhere, perhaps more uncertainty. Only the end of the day will tell. So, what do you need […]

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11 top 25 teams fall!

Wow!  What a weekend of college football. There were 11 teams ranked in the AP top 25 who lost their matchups this weekend. Unbelievable! In reality, many of these teams were playing other ranked opponents so somebody had to lose but E-L-E-V-E-N! ? There are now only 10 undefeated teams by my count in the FBS […]

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College Game Day at Ole Miss

The Grove is going to be INSANE today. It’s the first time College Game Day has ever been there, and they are getting ready to play the biggest game of the SEC so far this season. Oh, and have you heard who they have for their special celebrity guest picker? KATY PERRY! Her manager is […]

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how many feet in bounds to make a catch

How many feet need to be in bounds when making a catch?

This is one of those questions that has two different answers. How many feet need to be in bounds in college football? In college, a receiver only needs to have one foot in bounds in order for the catch to count. That’s not so hard. Right? How many feet need to be in bounds in the […]

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Coach Dan Reeves: A man of faith

I had the honor to be invited to a prayer breakfast this morning by a good friend who knows I love football. Dan Reeves was to be the keynote and he thought I’d enjoy the conversation. He could not have been more right. Dan Reeves is the former head football coach for the Atlanta Falcons. […]

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David Ash Texas QB

David Ash gives up football due to concussion

The QB for the Texas Longhorns, David Ash, has officially decided to hang up his helmet and move forward with his life. He sustained his first concussion in September 2013. After the August 30th win against N. Texas, he had headaches for 7 or 8 days. After consulting with the Coach Charlie Strong and the team […]

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Football in Mississippi

For those of you have followed our blog for the past year, you know that I am a huge SEC football fan. As an SEC fan, there are teams that I love and teams that I despise. The rest of the teams in the conference I cheer for because I want the conference to do well and […]

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Should you allow your child to play football?

Alright mom’s and dad’s out there wondering if you should let your child play football. This is for you and this is why team sports, and especially football, are so critical for your little boy. The life lessons involved in football are so much more than winning and chasing around an oblong shaped brown ball. […]

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