Another stellar week of college football in week 6. There were some great plays that folks are sure to be talking about around the water cooler today including Ohio State’s last second score against Northwestern and the touchdown that wasn’t for Tennessee’s overtime loss to UGA. Keep reading for some insight and a lot of fun for the week 6 results.

College Football Results – Week 6:

It should have been and was a great game. Northwestern played OSU so tight and had one last opportunity with the ball to win the game but came up short. In fact, there was a crazy  last play that ended with Ohio State scoring a touch down in the final second and covering the spread.

The obvious picks:

Let’s get through these quickly because they are not very exciting.

  • Clemson vs Syracuse – Clemson continues to impress with their undefeated record and a convincing win over Syracuse. They should have won and they did.
  • Fresno St vs Idaho– duh! nothing shocking here.
  • Alabama vs Georgia State – Ok, this was an obvious pick to win but not an obvious pick to cover. Alabama still could not put up points on the board even though they were playing the ‘worst’ team in the FBS.
  • LSU vs Miss St – I say this is obvious because it was Mississippi State but that really is not fair. LSU was coming off of a really tough loss and that is when these kinds of games bite you in the ass. They held it together and showed the bulldogs who is boss.
  • Nebraska vs Illinois – I’ve got nothing on this one
  • Oregon vs Colorado – dang! Is Oregon ever going to slow down! They had no problem against the Buffalos, none at all.
  • Texas Tech vs Kansas – Texas Tech started out slow in those smoky gray uniforms but soon choked out Kansas.
  • Florida vs Arkansas – not sure if this should be an obvious pick but Florida made it look that way.

The not so obvious picks:

Baylor vs West Virginia – West Virginia had just come off of a great game and I thought they might play stronger against Baylor. But I guess this crazy point totals for Baylor is just not a fluke or indicative of the teams they’ve played. They are legit after yet another 70+pt game!

Florida State vs Maryland– OK, FSU is clearly a better team and was favored, but MD was ranked in the top 25 and was still undefeated. Holy Mackerel! That did not seem to matter after the spanking the Seminoles put on the naked turtles of Maryland. Ouch!

Michigan vs Minnesota– Michigan had so many close games this year, I was thinking Minnesota might be the ones to put on an upset. Ha! I guess that week off for Michigan was just the wake up call they needed.

UCLA vs Utah – Utah has a good team but UCLA has the best team they’ve had in a while! They looked great.

Miami vs Georgia Tech – this is personal. My Yellow Jackets came out strong and played hard all day until they lost it. I guess Miami has more depth? Maybe it was the uncertainty Paul Johnson placed in Vad Lee when he pulled him out of the game in the 2nd quarter for a possession. Maybe this group just can’t really execute the triple option properly. I don’t know but I started hearing that much more about Johnson needing to go.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Alabama beat Georgia State(56.5) 45-3 – This should have been an easy time for Alabama to cover but for some reason they just can’t rack up the points.
  • Oklahoma St beat Kansas St (14.5) – 33-29 – At least OSU squeaked by with a win on this one, but they did not look that impressive.
  • ECU vs MTSU (7.5) 24-17 not to say, so what, but so what!
  • Oklahoma beat TCU (10.5) 20-17 – Those pesky horned frogs! Oklahoma might have gotten a few warts from this game but a W is a W.
  • Louisville beat Temple (34.5) 30-7 – this shocked me. A 5-0 team vs an 0-5 team and Louisville had not had any problems putting points on the board this season (like Alabama has).
  • Georgia beat Tennessee (11.5) 34-31- wow! This was a great game. It almost always is when these two teams play each other. Tennessee fans do not disappoint. Aaron Murray passed for more yards EVER in the SEC. He has got to be a Heisman candidate! What an amazing comeback. We might have to get rid of ‘Matty Ice’ here in Georgia and switch to “Aaron Ice”.
  • South Carolina beat Kentucky (21.5) 35-28- lots of controversy about Clowney and whether or not he is really injured or if he has just given up on the season and is protecting himself for the NFL. Crazy. I’m sure Spurrier is going nuts on that.
  • Stanford vs Washington (7.5) 31-28 – this battle of the PAC-12 did not disappoint either. Stanford is amazing and their QB is on fire. I also really loved the way the red just popped on their helmets!!

The Upsets

Auburn vs Ole Miss – I would have thought Ole Miss would have won this one but I would be wrong. Auburn looked good and Ole Miss was flat. Those Alabama teams beat up on those Mississippi teams this weekend. You know they say everyone has to feel superior to someone. I guess Mississippi is that “someone” for Alabama residents.

Notre Dame beat Arizona St – dang! I had said ND was overrated (as have a lot of folks). I thought for sure ASU would have no problem with ND. Maybe it was those crazy leprechaun uniforms ND was wearing, maybe it was the Good Lord looking out for Mary playing against the Devil. I don’t know what got into ND but they looked pretty good Saturday.

Michigan St vs Iowa – can you call it an upset when the spread was only 1.5 points? Probably not, but Iowa was favored, essentially because they were playing at home which evidently did not matter to Michigan St at all.

Missouri beat Vanderbilt – this was also only a 2.5 point spread so a pretty ‘even’ match and Vandy was at home. I look like an idiot for saying that “Missouri was out of their league when they are the underdog to Vandy”. Oops! Got that wrong.

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