Pool Results:

Congratulations to Huskerhorsepower!! Wow – a 16-8 record this week. That’s outstanding – especially in a week where there were still so many games with such large spreads. Most of the games came out below in ‘where the spread bit you’ category. This was a really tough week with teams not covering. A 16-8 record is really stellar in a week like this. Huskerhorsepower would have done really well in Vegas this week!!

As you can see, we ended up with just 24 games this week since the Fresno St vs Colorado game was postponed due to flooding. We’ll make that up later.

Overall leaders are shown below but really just about anyone is still in it. GeorgeMonkey is rocking it with a 43-31 overall record through 3 weeks.

college football week 3

Explanation of results – Week 3:

Each week we want to provide some insights into why certain picks were great and not so great to help you get better at this thing. Of course, there will always be the crazy upset that no one predicts but hopefully you’ll pick up something here and there. Let’s get to it.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the winning team should have one and should have covered and they did! Most of these teams had grossly inferior opponents so I’m not going to go into each of these.

  • Boise St over Air Force – way too much blue in this game. One day Boise St will be considered a legit team but probably not until they get rid of the smurf turf.
  • Florida St over Nevada – this may have been an obvious pick to win but always question 32.5 point spreads against the away team. Winston did not disappoint. This kid is for real!!
  • Iowa over Iowa St – these two teams are not the best in the country but with Iowa only having to win by 1.5 points made them the obvious choice in this one.
  • Oklahoma over Tulsa
  • Oklahoma St over Lamar
  • Oregon over Tennessee – for those of us who have followed football for over a decade, this kind of thing just feels weird to say the Ducks clobbered the Vols. How can that be? Well, how about the best in corporate marketing. What better way to sell shoes to make you run fast than run a fast paced offense like Oregon!
  • Ohio St over California – this might be able to qualify for the not so obvious too, but Cal just isn’t that good this year.
  • Louisville beat Kentucky – these in-state rivals went at it hard but the obvious winner came out on top.

The not so obvious picks:

Mississippi over Texas – This game was hard to decide which category to put it in. I think some would consider this an obvious pick and some would consider an upset. That’s how it ended up here. I think this at least shows Mississippi is for real and Texas is officially in a ‘re-building’ year.

UCLA beat Nebraska – Nebraska was favored in this game even though they were ranked lower in the top 25. UCLA got a nice bump (up to #13) in the rankings for this quality win and Nebraska fell out of the top 25 after getting obliterated in the second half!

USC beat Boston College – I put this in the not so obvious because they covered the 14.5 spread too! I guess most of you expected that, but I had hopes BC would keep it close and represent the ACC. Oh well. A girl can dream, right?

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Alabama beat Texas A&M (9.5) 49-42 – thankfully for all who know my partner in crime, Denise, Alabama won the revenge game against A&M but they did not cover thanks to a hole lot of Johnny Football magic.
  • Michigan beat Akron (35.5) 28-24 -Michigan was supposed to win, they did but somehow Akron kept it close. Really close!
  • Stanford beat Army (28.5) 34-20 – Army stayed in this game too before succumbing to Stanford.
  • Washington beat Illinois (10.5) 34-24 – Washington just barely missed the spread on this one.
  • LSU beat Kent St. (37.5) 45-13 …just not bad enough. That was surprising to me and should almost be considered an upset!
  • MTSU beat Memphis (4.5) 17-15 – If you missed this player profile on Steven Rhodes, check it out.
  • Auburn over Miss St (6.5) 24-20 – This is one of those games that just makes you mad. Small spread for a team who should dominate but barely wins. Uggh. Needless to say this is another game where I picked the winner but got bit by the spread.
  • Notre Dame beat Purdue (21.5) 31-24 one of those teams that lures you in with their top 25 ranking to think, ‘these coaches/AP pollsters must know more than me, maybe ND really is good this year’. Well, if you can’t beat Purdue by 21.5 points, maybe not.
  • Arizona State beat Wisconsin (5.5) 32-30 but only by 2. It sounds like the ending to this game was a doozy! I hope they replay it one day this week so I can see what happened.
  • South Carolina cannot cover the spread against Vanderbilt (12.5) 35-25 I guess Spurrier is still licking his wounds from his loss to the Bulldogs last week.
  • Northwestern beat Western Michigan (31.5) 38-17 -yowser!

The Upsets

Texas Tech beat TCU – people thought for sure the horned frogs would dominate this one. It must have been those cool smoky grey uniforms TT wore.

UCF beat Penn St – I’m still surprised at this game. I thought Penn St was better, but maybe they are and it’s just that UCF is just that good this year. We’ll see next week when UCF plays South Carolina.

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