Miami vs. Florida State

This season is definitely the kind of football season the ACC has been waiting for. First we had the matchup between Clemson and FSU. Now the ACC battle is between FSU and the Miami Hurricanes. They have 3 teams in the top 10 and the SEC only has 2. What is up with that?? They have also won several ACC vs SEC match-ups that in recent years have been going to the SEC. This is the first time since 2004 both Miami and FSU are in the top 10 and are playing each other. Lastly, FSU has the National Championship in their sights. 

In case you need to get all hyped up for the game, here is the official hype video – lots of chest slapping and hard hitting – testosterone flying everywhere!

Date, Time and Location:  November 2nd at 8:00 p.m. in Tallahassee

Why this is a big game: Both of these teams are undefeated and are trying to move up in the BCS rankings. Currently FSU is #3 and Miami is #7. Chances are looking good that these two teams will at the very least meet in the ACC Championship!

Why FSU will win: Simply put, they are the better team. They put up incredibly high numbers on offense and their defense is amazing. Famous Jameis is virtually unstoppable.

Why Miami will win: Fortunately, this is the kind of game where previous games played don’t really matter. There is an in state rivalry between these two teams and when  there is so much riding on the line, it really is anyone’s game. If Miami can stay away from the hype, stay focused and play an almost perfect game, then they stand a chance against the Seminoles.

Who Will WIin: FSU is a 22 point favorite headed into the game and they are playing at home. Miami has struggled against 2 unranked team in the last few weeks. I think the Seminoles are going to take down the Hurricanes, easily. Sorry to my Miami family. 

One Liners for the Game: 

” I guess the ACC is a real football conference. Who knew?”

” Do you think Famous Jameis can really take his team all the way?”