The time has come!! Denise and I have been talking about this for what seems like forever and now the time has come! We have our plane tickets, hotel reservation, rental car and out tickets to the Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech football game Saturday!

Oh my! I’m about to have heart palpitations. (I might need a nurse, hope he/she (or is it Ze) has a stethoscope. Doh!) But I digress…

So, why is it that two girls are so excited about going all the way to South Bend, Indiana to watch a football game? A game that might be rainy or windy or both. Why would two friends, pulling for different teams, want to go to this game together? Why would both of us consider this a ‘Bucket List’ item? Well, I would ask you, how do you not know why!?! But, let me help enlighten you if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time. I think it will be worth it.

Reason #1 – Legacy

Denise’s Dad went to Notre Dame. My Dad (and myself) went to Georgia Tech. It’s natural to want to support your parent’s alma mater. Both of our parent’s are gone now but I fully anticipate them having their own rivalry going on as well. They did not know each other but perhaps they will be on our shoulders whispering in our ears another great zinger to say to each other. I can see that. Or maybe, they’ll just be screaming at the ref’s for calling a bad game.

Reason #2 – Tradition

Both Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are schools and football programs steeped in tradition. Denise and I are both pretty ‘traditional’ types of gals. We love the ‘why’ behind every action taken leading up to a game. A few years back, we went to the Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame game in Atlanta which was Denise’s first time to watch ND play in person. It was a beautiful sight to see her then but I anticipate that will pale in comparison to being in South Bend.

South Bend is full of traditions, and although I am a Yellow Jacket through and through, I plan on getting as deep into the history and traditions as I possibly can. I just wish we could walk the tunnel and see the sign! Play Like a Champion Today!

notre dame football sayingI hope to have a moment of reflection with “Touchdown Jesus”.

I might even try and sing the Notre Dame fight song for the lone field goal I anticipate them scoring 😉

Whatever it is, I want to be a part. Denise deserves to be a part. Together.  No shame in tears that might come to our eyes. Ahh, who am I kidding, that WILL come to our eyes.

Maybe we’ll even meet Rudy.

Who knows. All I know is every tradition Notre Dame has, we want to be a part of it. The walk to the house the Rockne built, the pre-game warm-ups, the student energy, all of it.

Let's Win One For the Gipper - Knute Rockne

Let’s Win One For the Gipper – Knute Rockne

Reason #3 – Rivalry

Ok. So don’t let all that mushy stuff fool you. Denise and I are still rivals for those few hours on Saturday. There will be a lot of ribbing going on and I’m sure whoever is the winner will continue some ever so gentle remarks for a little while afterwards. It’s all good. No feelings will be hurt. It’s all in fun and one of the many, many reasons why we love football. Bring it!

Our two teams have been around a long time. Both of them wear gold helmets (generally). Both of them have primary colors of white and gold. Both have tremendous football history. Both have an even more tremendous academic history. It’s a good rivalry and a good game!

Reason #4 – Friendship

After all, Denise is my best friend (of course, she is a lot of people’s best friend, that’s the kind of woman she is). We are mixing the game in with a girl’s weekend to Chicago.  Now, in no means, will the game be ‘background’ entertainment. It is front and center to the entire weekend but there is a huge side benefit of spending time with your best friend for a few days of fun. We’ll have a blast blabbing on about kids, work, school, and life! It will never be dull. Love ya, Denise and I’ll be there for you after Notre Dame loses Saturday! That’s the kind of friend I am!

So, let the game begin. May the trip be all that we anticipate. May the best team win. May we have a blast and return home safely. – Amen

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