I don’t think so. That’s the short answer and a sarcastic tone in that.

As I was on the elliptical working up a sweat this week, I was watching Sport Center and the hosts were talking about how several of the big name quarterbacks lost their first game of the season. Ok. That happens. Somebody has to lose. But then the conversation kept going on about how this may be the end of the Tom Brady era. Perhaps Eli Manning is finished and Aaron Rodgers needs to retire. Are you kidding me? An opening game loss by some of the biggest names in football does not warrant a conversation about these guys being all washed up.

I couldn’t believe it. Was there just nothing in sports to talk about that day? It was a Wednesday so there were no football games. It is a week when there is really only one good college football game to watch (Georgia vs. South Carolina….go Dawgs!). Tennis was over. The weekly golf tournament hadn’t started. So maybe they just thought they’d stir up the news by talking about these guys being finished. Crazy talk.

I am a big fan of all of these monumental men. May they all win this week and shut up the guys on Sport Center. Perhaps they are washed up?!





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