Thread the needle

Football Concept:

This is one of those football expressions taken from somewhere else. Have you ever tried to thread a needle to sew on a button? It’s not always that easy! In football, this is used to say a quarterback threw an amazing pass between lots of defenders into a perfect spot that only his receiver could catch. An amazing feat!

How the saying can be used in real life:

Use it anytime you perform a miraculous feat that involves small spaces! Let’s say you are entering the highway in a construction zone with orange pylons on your right and a semi truck barreling down on you to the left. You have a split second decision to slam on the brakes and get hit from behind, go into the cones or gun it and thread the needle to get in front of the 18 wheeler. What are you going to do? Tick, tock, tick, tock! Vroom Vroom!

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