….and a real fan is supportive no matter what.


So it’s no secret that I am an Alabama fan. Was I happy with the outcome of last night’s game? Absolutely not. I screamed like any other fan when the last Alabama field goal attempt was missed and caught by an Auburn player who ran it back for a touchdown. Do I blame Cade Foster for missing multiple field goals yesterday? No. Do I blame Nick Saban for calling that last field goal attempt? Of course not. The team wins and the team loses. It was a collective effort. When I found out that people were sending tweets and making Facebook posts blaming Foster for the loss, it made me sick…until I read a little bit later that players on the Crimson Tide immediately came to his defense. They all said that it’s a team loss or a team win. These fine young men stick together “like brothers”.

I’ve always known that it’s hard to beat Auburn in Auburn. I was hopeful before last night’s game started, but also realistic. I’m not going to lie and say that this loss doesn’t hurt. It hurts and it hurts bad, but guess what? The college football season is not over and I am still excited to watch. The bowl season is right around the corner. I will still cheer for whoever needs to win to help Alabama get back into the BCS game, although I do know it’s a long shot. Hey…miracles can happen, right? Just look at last night’s game!

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