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Two more bite the dust

This week might not have been the upset-o-rama that last week was, but it had its fair share and opened things up once again in a few conferences. College Football Results Week 9: Two more undefeated teams lost that status this week after receiving their first devastating loss (Missouri and Texas Tech), and after a impressive second […]

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football pool winner

Impressive 20-5 win for the pool!

What an impressive win for “tnackley“! She picked 20 games correctly! This week wasn’t even close, as there were 4 people who came in second place with 17 correct picks each. The overall season is still up for grabs. Here are the top 5 after week 9… 1) squirlwll 127-96 2) tommyallenn 125-98 3) craigk […]

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college football pick up lines

Did you hear Ohio State is going to be in the championship game?

Here are the coveted college football pick up lines for the week! Some are funny, some will help you fake it. Have fun and tell us the ones you hear! “I wish Nike would give me as much money to by new clothes every week like they give Oregon to buy new uniforms.” “I hope […]

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LA Haute Couture vs Oregon Nike Grunge

It is the high fashion and haute couture of Los Angeles vs. the outdoorsy Nike wearing grunge of Oregon. It is also the game of the week for week 9 – UCLA vs Oregon. All of you fashionistas out there – what do you think? UCLA #12 vs. Oregon #3 Date, Time and Location: October 26th […]

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college football schedule

No one can afford it but half are going to – Week 9 Schedule of Games

As we turn the corner towards November and are wrapping up the regular season, we are starting to see some separation in the top teams. However, it is critical to remember that ANY conference loss can be and most likely will be devastating to the post season options. Some teams are struggling to break 500 (that […]

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