week 7 results

College football pool halfway results

What a crazy weekend of upsets and close games. We have no idea how Kaylataylorjazz had a 16-9 weekend on a day like yesterday. If she had been in Vegas, she would have made quite a haul. Congrats!! Halfway through the season, here are our results of our college football pool: craigk and tommyallen are all tied […]

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My goodness, how many upsets can there be in a single weekend?

This is the type of weekend that makes football fans. You don’t have to follow any particular team to enjoy an upset or revel in an underdog beating up a bully. We all love to see that. A spectacular weekend of college football all around. Even if your team lost, you can at least attempt to […]

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college football pick up lines

Easiest point of the weekend is….and other great pickup lines for week 7

This is probably our favorite part of the week – writing these silly college football pickup lines! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. They are fun. Comment and leave your favorites too! “Easiest point of the weekend is probably Baylor only being a 17.5 point favorite to Kansas State. Really?!” “It’s […]

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college football schedule

Who will rise and who will fall halfway through the season

Week 7 is here! We still have 11 undefeated teams going into the weekend and we may still have 11 at the end, but not likely!! Somebody is likely to fall. Who will it be? Fun news this week is a college football game scheduled to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s right! A […]

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