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Who is worth watching this weekend – College Football Schedule Week 10

The first weekend of November is upon us, Fall is in the air, rivalry games are heating up, seasons are being made and being broken…ahh the joy of football. We hope you are getting into this sport a little more than you were at the start of the season. Let us know if you have […]

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No one can afford it but half are going to – Week 9 Schedule of Games

As we turn the corner towards November and are wrapping up the regular season, we are starting to see some separation in the top teams. However, it is critical to remember that ANY conference loss can be and most likely will be devastating to the post season options. Some teams are struggling to break 500 (that […]

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Is it as clear as mud?

The heart of the season is here. The picture of the top teams and the BCS is becoming clearer….or is it? After this weekend, the top four teams will be fairly well cemented assuming none of them lose any games! As my 6th grade teacher used to say, “Is it as clear as mud?” Here are the […]

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