Army Navy Game

This Saturday, only one college football game will be played. It will not be a game between the two best teams in the country but I’d like to think it is between the two most respected colleges in the United States : The US Naval Academy at Annapolis and The US Military Academy at Westpoint. […]

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Girls Guide to Football – Top 10 things to know for Rivalry Weekend

This is a HUGE weekend in college football. Conference championships, BCS Championships, Heisman front runners… much is riding on the games this week! Here is the quick hit list of what you MUST know before the games begin! 1. This is Rivalry Weekend where nearly every game is an in-state or border state match-up with lots more than just the […]

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Georgia Florida Rivalry

College Football Rivalry: Florida Georgia Game and Michigan Michigan State Game

There is not one but two big rivalry games this weekend. The first one is huge in the south and is simply known as “Florida Georgia“. Family plans are made around this game. Grocery stores are empty and bars are packed. The next one is the in-state rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State. I’ve never […]

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usc vs notre dame

Rivalry This Week: USC vs. Notre Dame

Ladies, if you are going to learn to love football, then you have to embrace the emotion and excitement that is best embodied in the deep roots of college football rivalries. Rivalry games and old-time tradition are the things that make college football different from every other sport at every other level. One of the best […]

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