michigan notre dame rivalry

Notre Dame Michigan Rivalry – Ending an Era

NOTRE DAME MICHIGAN RIVALRY ENDING –  A PERSONAL NOTE As a little girl, I was taught not to like Michigan. Why? My dad went to Notre Dame. When you grow up in a Notre Dame loving household, you learn quickly not to like Michigan or USC. Along with knowing which teams to pull for, I was […]

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It’s time to squeeze the ORANGE!

The last of the BCS Bowl games, with the exception of the National Championship, is being played tonight at 8:30 EST. The Orange Bowl is played in Miami, FL and this year is between Clemson and Ohio State. The first Orange Bowl took place in 1935. In 2006, it became exclusively tied to the ACC.  […]

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BCS rankings

Big changes last weekend. Now what?

Ok, so Alabama lost and Denise is still in mourning but it is time to look forward to what’s next. With Florida State and Ohio State winning this past weekend, they remain undefeated and have both moved up one spot to be #1 and #2 respectively. However, they both have a game this weekend as […]

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Football is not just about the game…

…it’s about the halftime show too! This is one of THE all time best college football halftime shows I’ve ever seen. It was performed at Ohio State against Penn State on October 26th. Enjoy your trip to the movies!! Ohio State Buckeyes Womens Studio Quarter Zip Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White

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The Ohio State University

Whew! Ohio State covers the spread with last second play!

This was quite a funny way to cover the spread by Ohio State.   Northwestern tries some last second trickery with a bunch of laterals to make a desperate attempt to move the ball down the field. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for those of us who had our pick on Ohio State, it did […]

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Who’s the Biggest in the Big Ten?

Ok, so first, why are there 12 teams in the Big Ten and why is there another conference called the Big-12?  That’s just insane. To maybe understand that a bit more, you can read up on college conferences here. On top of that, since there have only been a couple of conference games between the […]

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Only in college football would a tribute like this be made!

This is a must watch! It brought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure where else this kind of tribute would be made other than in college football.   http://deadspin.com/entire-osu-team-lines-up-to-hug-reporter-after-his-daug-1428252946   Dom Tiberi works for a local TV station in Ohio. He tragically lost his daughter in a car accident and this is how Ohio […]

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