Kenny Hill better than Manziel?

Steve Spurrier rarely loses at home, and he certainly doesn’t lose his home opener. He hasn’t done that since 1989 when he was at Duke! The Gamecocks didn’t stand a chance yesterday from the very beginning. Kenny Hill and the Texas A&M Aggies ran all over the Gamecocks handing Spurrier the worst lost of his […]

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Texas A&M Scouting report

First night of college football 2014

Wow! Tonight is the night Denise and I have been waiting for since January 6th of this year when Jameis Winston held up the BCS National Championship Trophy! Now, it is a new season, new players, newly aligned conferences and a new championship ‘playoff’ process and trophy! It is going to be a great season, […]

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heisman trophy

Who are the Heisman Trophy Finalist, really?

This Saturday evening, at 8pm in New York, six young men will walk into the Downtown Athletic Club in New York. Each of them will eagerly await the announcement of this year’s Heisman Trophy, the most coveted individual award in college football. Each will have opportunities to shake hands with previous recipients. Each will enjoy […]

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Girls Guide to Football – Top 10 things to know for Rivalry Weekend

This is a HUGE weekend in college football. Conference championships, BCS Championships, Heisman front runners… much is riding on the games this week! Here is the quick hit list of what you MUST know before the games begin! 1. This is Rivalry Weekend where nearly every game is an in-state or border state match-up with lots more than just the […]

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Girls Guide to Football – Top 8 things you must know about football this weekend- Week 13

We decided to play this week a little differently to see how you like it. These are the top ‘stories’ going into the weekend. We are not doing the game by game synopsis this weekend. Let us know what you think. Top 8 things you should know about college football this weekend 1 – There aren’t a lot of great games […]

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Heisman Watch – Week 11

Not only did the BCS get shaken up this weekend, but the top contenders for the Heisman Trophy also got jumbled up. Marcus Mariota dropped due to Oregon’s loss against Stanford and Bryce Petty moved up. Here are our top picks after Week 11. Jameis Winston (FSU, QB) – It is looking quite possible the Heisman […]

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Heisman Watch – 2013

It’s that time of year when the pre-season favorites have either gone to the wayside or they have started proving their case for being chosen as the next  Heisman Trophy winner. There have also been a few surprises thrown into the mix, like our boy Jameis Winston! After week 8, here’s the scoop on who […]

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Player Profile of the week – Johnny Manziel

If I had written this player profile last season, it would have read very differently than today. In fact, if I had written it earlier this week, it would have been very different.  I am not going to say Johnny Manziel is not a great football player. He is incredible and a phenomenal athlete. I will […]

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should my son play football

Why you should care about football this season…every season

Are you ready for some football!!! If you are still looking for reasons to get excited about a bunch of guys running around in tight pants, getting all sweaty with their muscles bulging (as if that’s not enough), let’s see if we cannot give you a few more. Click here to see our top 10 […]

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