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College Football Conversation Starters: Week 5

College Football Games of the week: There is only one game between two ranked teams so I usually like to say that is the ‘game of the week’. UCLA(#15) vs Arizona State (#16) – both are PAC-12 teams ranked 3-0 so far but neither has beaten anyone special yet. They will walk away with one […]

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College Football Conversation Starters: Week 4

Another week where there is minimum of conference play and big team matchups. There are some good games to watch and certainly some things you should make sure you know as we set to kick off week 4 of college football. Here are the big games for the weekend: 1. The biggest game by far is […]

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Go Sparty Blue Tigers!

It’s no secret, I was not pleased with the outcome of the Alabama game last weekend. It’s football. It happens. Now I am left with two choices. 1) Hang up my Houndstooth hat until next year or 2) Cheer for all of the teams that could give Alabama the slightest chance of heading to the […]

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Girls Guide to Football – Top 8 things you must know about football this weekend- Week 13

We decided to play this week a little differently to see how you like it. These are the top ‘stories’ going into the weekend. We are not doing the game by game synopsis this weekend. Let us know what you think. Top 8 things you should know about college football this weekend 1 – There aren’t a lot of great games […]

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Heisman Watch – Week 11

Not only did the BCS get shaken up this weekend, but the top contenders for the Heisman Trophy also got jumbled up. Marcus Mariota dropped due to Oregon’s loss against Stanford and Bryce Petty moved up. Here are our top picks after Week 11. Jameis Winston (FSU, QB) – It is looking quite possible the Heisman […]

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Heisman Watch – 2013

It’s that time of year when the pre-season favorites have either gone to the wayside or they have started proving their case for being chosen as the next  Heisman Trophy winner. There have also been a few surprises thrown into the mix, like our boy Jameis Winston! After week 8, here’s the scoop on who […]

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