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I pulled this off of a friend’s facebook feed (with permission) a couple of weeks ago. She has a daughter who just started her freshman year at the University of Georgia.   Guy at work this morning: Your daughter at UGA must be so excited about tomorrow! Me: Oh. What? Guy: The game! Me: (mentally […]

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Georgia Bulldogs Season Outlook

This could be the year for the Dogs By: Mark Bryson, Award-winning Journalist August 30, 2014 This could be the year. And that’s what is good about being a Georgia Bulldog fan – any year could be the year. Looking forward to the 2014 campaign, this could be the year the Dogs beat Clempsin, Spurrier, […]

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Notre Dame Leprechan

College Football Conversation Starters for Week 1

Ok, so we used to call these ‘Pick-up lines’ but so many of our followers are really not picking anyone up anymore. However, everyone needs a good conversation starter at a party, bar, boardroom or on the sofa next to your spouse. Wherever you find yourself watching or talking about football, these will help get […]

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Georgia Tech loses in the first ever double overtime, but there is hope!

After waking up a bit ‘hungover’ from the crazy emotional rollercoaster of the Georgia vs Georgia Tech game, I realized I had accepted an invitation for my family to light the 1st candle of Advent some time ago. What was I thinking?! This was a morning to sleep in! That’s what I get for not […]

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It doesn’t get any better than this….well sort of

Today is the heart of Rivalry Weekend. Yes, the Egg Bowl may have already been played and the recipient of the Platypus trophy may have already been decided, but we don’t live in Mississippi or Oregon. This is a big game for my family and I love the excitement of when toe meets leather on […]

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Tradition and Rivalry Spotlight – Georgia vs Georgia Tech

It’s my favorite time of the year, preparation for what we call in our house, Thanksgiving Saturday. This is rivalry weekend when so many college rivals play each other for their last regular game of the season. In our house, a house divided between Georgia and Georgia Tech, this weekend is extra, well let’s just say, special. […]

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An awful way to end an amazing career – Aaron Murray out with knee injury

http://www.ajc.com/news/sports/aaron-murray-injures-knee-in-georgia-victory/nb3d2/ I may be a Tech fan but I never wish this on anyone. I hope he heals well and goes on to a strong and promising career after college in whatever he decides.

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Take the emotion out of a pick, but keep it for the game

More football pool strategy There are games in our pool week after week that are sure to tug at your emotions. The team you want to prevail isn’t expected to win, but the team they are playing is one you just can’t cheer for in good conscious. What do you do? This happens to me […]

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Georgia Florida Rivalry

College Football Rivalry: Florida Georgia Game and Michigan Michigan State Game

There is not one but two big rivalry games this weekend. The first one is huge in the south and is simply known as “Florida Georgia“. Family plans are made around this game. Grocery stores are empty and bars are packed. The next one is the in-state rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State. I’ve never […]

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What is a play action pass

So much of football is about deception. Maybe that is one of the reasons why so many women don’t like it because our natural tendency is for things to be more transparent and fair. The reality is most every sport has some form of deception in it (except maybe golf where the only deception is […]

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