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College Football Pool – Week 2 – What Happened

Congratulations again to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner who won our pool this week. I just love saying that name! Explanation of results: Each week we want to provide some insights into why certain picks were great and not so great to help you get better at this thing. Of course, there will always be the […]

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Football Pool Strategy – Top 7 Options

Alright – so we need to talk a little strategy for you ladies who are new to playing in a football pool. The goal is to win as many points as possible each week. We play 25 games so everyone has a max number of points of 25 each week. A typical score is probably […]

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Why join our women only college football pool?

The season is here! Just a few more days and we’ll be watching college football. Now is the time for you to learn what all the rage is about! One of the best ways to learn about football is by ‘having’ to pay attention. One of the most fun ways we know to ‘have’ to […]

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