College Football Conversation Starters: Week 4

Another week where there is minimum of conference play and big team matchups. There are some good games to watch and certainly some things you should make sure you know as we set to kick off week 4 of college football. Here are the big games for the weekend: 1. The biggest game by far is […]

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Vanderbilt Jersey Controversy

College Football Conversation Starters Week 2

When you find yourself backed in the corner and have to find something to say, use one of these great college football conversation starters. You’ll never know where the conversation will lead! What are the big college football games this weekend Week 2 is still a lot of the ‘pre-season’ feel in college football where […]

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BCS rankings

Big changes last weekend. Now what?

Ok, so Alabama lost and Denise is still in mourning but it is time to look forward to what’s next. With Florida State and Ohio State winning this past weekend, they remain undefeated and have both moved up one spot to be #1 and #2 respectively. However, they both have a game this weekend as […]

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Miami vs. Florida State

ACC Showdown in Florida: Week 10 game of the week

This season is definitely the kind of football season the ACC has been waiting for. First we had the matchup between Clemson and FSU. Now the ACC battle is between FSU and the Miami Hurricanes. They have 3 teams in the top 10 and the SEC only has 2. What is up with that?? They have […]

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First official BCS rankings of 2013 are out.

A lot of big moves after the crazy weekend we just experienced and all just in time for the first official BCS rankings of 2013. We have a new #2, just barely, but a big jump none the less!!   If you want to impress your friends, co-workers, and boyfriends/husbands, be sure to try […]

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FSU Clemson game

Can the kid pass his first real test?

You have to admit, this is the biggest game of young Jameis Winston’s blossoming career. Not only is he leading a top 5 team, he is playing another top 5 team on the road in probably one of the top 5 most difficult places to play. So quite simply, can this kid pass this test? […]

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