The anticipation is killing me….college football schedule week 11

A lot of games this week where top teams have a bye or are playing a highly inferior opponent. This is the time for many to gather up some strength as we head down the home stretch and some of the toughest games left to be played. Then there are those huge games being played […]

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college football results week 10

Rising up, Falling apart, a Hail Mary and so much more – Week 10 recap

Only one undefeated team lost that status this weekend so we are down to 7. There will be some more that drop, it’s just a matter of who. Of the top 4, Alabama has the most difficult schedule remaining still having to play Auburn, LSU and probably the SEC Championship game. Yikes!! College Football Results […]

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college football schedule

Who will rise and who will fall halfway through the season

Week 7 is here! We still have 11 undefeated teams going into the weekend and we may still have 11 at the end, but not likely!! Somebody is likely to fall. Who will it be? Fun news this week is a college football game scheduled to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s right! A […]

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where girls learn to love football

Is this the true beginning?!

After four weeks of the big kids beating up on the little kids (with a few  exceptions), we are “fixin’ ” to start the real college football season. The tune ups are almost over and this week, the majority of the games are conference games. Rubber is meeting the road. Games are starting to matter. […]

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