Domination of the SEC West

The numbers don’t lie. The SEC, specifically the SEC West IS the best conference in the nation. They broke yet another record this week by being the first conference to have 4 teams in the top 5 of the AP poll. You have, in order,  Mississippi State, FSU, Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburn. Here’s what’s […]

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Mississippi State

College Football Conversation Starters – Week 7

This will most certainly be another great weekend in college football as the race to lead conferences continues to play out. More undefeated teams will fall and perhaps some clarity will be gained in some of the conferences. Elsewhere, perhaps more uncertainty. Only the end of the day will tell. So, what do you need […]

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BCS rankings

Big changes last weekend. Now what?

Ok, so Alabama lost and Denise is still in mourning but it is time to look forward to what’s next. With Florida State and Ohio State winning this past weekend, they remain undefeated and have both moved up one spot to be #1 and #2 respectively. However, they both have a game this weekend as […]

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It doesn’t get any better than this….well sort of

Today is the heart of Rivalry Weekend. Yes, the Egg Bowl may have already been played and the recipient of the Platypus trophy may have already been decided, but we don’t live in Mississippi or Oregon. This is a big game for my family and I love the excitement of when toe meets leather on […]

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Girls Guide to Football – Top 10 things to know for Rivalry Weekend

This is a HUGE weekend in college football. Conference championships, BCS Championships, Heisman front runners… much is riding on the games this week! Here is the quick hit list of what you MUST know before the games begin! 1. This is Rivalry Weekend where nearly every game is an in-state or border state match-up with lots more than just the […]

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Who’s really made of Iron?

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of talk about the Iron Bowl over the last couple of weeks. You probably know it’s the yearly matchup Thanksgiving weekend between Alabama and Auburn…two teams that just flat out don’t like each other. What else? Here are a few little known facts about the famed Iron Bowl… The first […]

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Take the emotion out of a pick, but keep it for the game

More football pool strategy There are games in our pool week after week that are sure to tug at your emotions. The team you want to prevail isn’t expected to win, but the team they are playing is one you just can’t cheer for in good conscious. What do you do? This happens to me […]

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Leukiemia Auburn Tiger Shon Coleman

Player Profile: Shon Coleman defeats cancer to follow his dream

Many people are probably surprised I would choose an Auburn Tiger to write a player profile on. Well, Shon Coleman is special. He deserves the spotlight this week, even from a Tide fan! Shon was a heavily recruited football player out of Olive Branch High School weighing 285 lbs and standing 6’6″ tall. He signed […]

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