The first thing out of someone’s mouth about the Super Bowl is almost always, “who are you pulling for?”.

That’s when fear sets in for those who don’t even know who is playing. You can slough it off with a shrug and say something like, “who really cares about football when the Biebs is throwing his life away!”, but that won’t earn you any points in the she’s one cool chick category.

So, here are your choices: Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

If you are not from Denver or Seattle and you haven’t had a mad crush on Peyton Manning for the last decade, then how do you know who to pull for? Here are the reasons to pull for one of these two teams.

Why cheer for the Denver Broncos?

  1. Peyton Manning – amazing quarterback, true student of the game, football family legacy (his dad and little brother both played quarterback in the NFL), best statistics as a quarterback…ever!, he’s “old” and deserves one more ring and he’s is an absolute gentleman.
  2. Best Offensive team in the league this year.
  3. Their mascot is a horse and who doesn’t love horses.
  4. The college team you pull for has orange in their team colors so why not pull for Denver who is orange and navy.
  5. You are old enough to have had a mad crush on John Elway back in the day.
  6. Denver is a cool city and you can’t wait to go and enjoy some of what they just made legal.
  7. The professional team you normally pull for is in the AFC.
  8. You hate Richard Sherman after he went off on Erin Andrews.

Why cheer for the Seattle Seahawks?

  1. Russell Wilson – young and cute quarterback, played for Wisconsin, wasn’t drafted very high in the 2012 draft but look at him now!
  2. Best Defensive team in the league this year.
  3. Richard Sherman’s energy and passion after the NFC Championship game made you love him.
  4. They have really cool and more modern uniforms with the neon highlights and matte finish on the helmet.
  5. Seattle is a pretty cool town in its own right.
  6. You hate the color orange!
  7. You are addicted to Starbuck’s.
  8. NO ONE on the Seattle team has ever played in a Super Bowl let alone already have a ring.

seattle seahawksThere are many more reasons to love these two teams. Feel free to comment and add to the list! We’d love to know why you are pulling for the team you want. Regardless, if you don’t have a team to pull for, CHOOSE ONE! Read through this list and decide why you want that team to win and be prepared to defend it. You’ll earn multiple points in the cool chick category!!

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