Part 2 of your Super Bowl XLVIII Preview Cliff Notes will walk you though some of the slightly more intricate details of what the announcers and the big fans will be talking about. No, we are not going to get into the nitty gritty details, we will still cover it Cliff Notes style so you can say something intelligent and impress everyone in the room.

Seattle’s Defense referred to as the Legion of Boom

Ok, you or your kids a Legion of Doom fan? You know, the bad guys in the comics? Well, the Seattle Seahawks defense is so good, they gave themselves the nickname, Legion of Boom! As in boom is the sound their tough hits make. Here is a funny article with some video to catch you up on this.

Wes Welker and the Crossing Patterns

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This is another discussion point announcers will be talking about. You have the best offense (Denver) against the best defense (Seattle) playing in this game. In order for Denver’s wide receivers (the guys who catch the ball) to get open against this crazy defense, they will run a lot of crossing patterns. What does that mean? Well, pretty much like what it sounds like. Two or more receivers will ‘cross’ paths with each other when running to try and get open. Ok, so why is this a big deal? It’s not normally. Receivers do this all the time in hopes that the guys guarding them will bump into each other, get slowed down, or mess up and both go with one guy. Any of these things will help the receiver be open enough to catch the ball. Now, In the AFC Championship game, Wes Welker, a great and smart receiver, did this at times in a controversial way including what some thought was an attempted takedown of Aqib Talib (another great cornerback).

See, a receiver cannot purposefully run into a defender in what is known as a ‘pick’ but that’s what they try to get away with every time they run these crossing patterns. It just so happens that Wes Welker is the master of disguise at this.

Regardless, just use a phrase like, “Welker will get open a lot during this game because he is a master at disguising his pick” or “Doesn’t Welker know this is not basketball?” and you’ll get your point across.

Denver’s defense is no push over and Seattle’s offense is no patsy

With all the talk about the teams, we don’t hear too much about Denver’s defense or Seattle’s offense. For example, there will be talk about the need for Denver’s cornerback, Champ Bailey, needing to win this game if he wants to make it in the Hall of Fame one day. For any of you Southerners watching the game, remember, Champ played at the University of Georgia too.

Then there is Russell Wilson. The young gun playing quarterback for Seattle. This kid is great and he may be young and ‘inexperienced’ but he has proven himself over and over to be amazing. It’s not just the defense that can win the game for Seattle.

Part 3 of the Super Bowl XLVIII preview will help you pick a team to cheer for and defend why you made that choice.

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