The big game is upon us. Super Bowl XLVIII. For those of you who always hated Roman numerals, that’s number 48!

It is hopefully being played on Sunday, but who knows for sure!

As per our usual, Flip the Field likes to give you the basic rundown on the game’s must know information so you can be informed either because you want to or you want to act like you do. Either way, your man will be impressed. So, here goes….

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview Synopsis

Super Bowl XLVIII Teams

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos both finished with the best regular season at 13-3 and made it through the playoffs to get to the big game. That does not happen very often…especially in the NFL. That’s where the expression, ‘any given Sunday’ comes from because essentially any team can beat any other team at any time. Not this year though. These two teams are playing at the top of their game and it shows. However, they are very different teams.

What’s really amazing is that the Denver Broncos, led by quarterback Peyton Manning, had the best offensive team in the league. Conversely, the Seattle Seahawks had the best defensive team led by a whole host of players (the defense really is all about all eleven guys on the field) but inspired by an amazing secondary and the now infamous corner back, Richard Sherman.

So to know about these two teams and to not appear like a complete football idiot, you need to know a bit about Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman.

Richard Sherman’s Interview

The video above was from a post-game interview immediately following the Seahawks win to get to the Super Bowl. The last play of the game was the last chance for their opponent to try and win the game. However, Richard Sherman timed his jump perfectly and knocked the ball away from his apparent arch rival. He was feeling pretty darn good at that moment….he saved the day, he’s going to his first Super Bowl, he made his rival look bad, etc. It’s every corner back’s dream! It would be the equivalent of a girl’s dream of diving for the last wedding dress at Filene’s Basement sale and knocking your high school rival out of the way in the process! See what I mean! This was huge.

So, then he gets interviewed, runs his mouth like this and creates two camps of people. The lovers and the haters. All sorts of folks got on their high-horses about being a better sport, not so showy, can’t he just be a gentleman, etc. But, this isn’t GOLF. Yes, he could have been calm and quietly said something like, I got lucky, the other team played their hearts out, cheers to them and the rest of my team, etc. That would have been nice but in the moment, that amazing childhood dream moment, adrenaline pumping, well, I can’t blame him.

While watching the Super Bowl, this will likely come up. Pick a side. Any side. Argue your point. If you choose my side, you can throw in some other sports analogies instead of the Filene’s one. Baseball: Winning home run in the bottom of the 9th to send your team to the World Series. Basketball: Up by 1, other team gets a breakaway, you run down and block the ball cleanly on their lay up at the buzzer to send your team to the championship game.

Peyton Manning’s Amazing Season

Firstly, Peyton is the only guy on both teams with a Super Bowl ring. That’s amazing in and of itself due to the large team sizes, and the amount of players who switch teams each season. Secondly, Peyton Manning broke about every single record this season. He was just amazing. Yes, he has a great offensive line and he has some great receivers, but he has been amazing. I was never a huge fan of his when he played at University of Tennessee, mostly because of his ‘happy feet’ while he is waiting to throw the ball (in the pocket). But, he is one of the best student’s of the game and has EARNED every bit of his right to play in this game.

But what is really remarkable is that he’s OLD!! Ok, not really old, but old for NFL standards. He had a neck injury while at the Colts and sat out a long time. Everyone thought he was washed up. The Colts even let him go!! Crazy! John Elway (amazing former quarterback with the Denver Broncos) decided to ‘take a chance’ on Peyton. Those are pretty good odds and Peyton did not disappoint. What a season.

Will he come back for more or end on a high? I suppose it depends on the outcome of this game. Regardless, he will have an amazing career ahead of him either as a coach, executive for a team, announcer, or even as a comedian. If you haven’t seen this, you will see why. Another video you need to be familiar with. He has been on SNL some and is hilarious.

Part 2 will cover some of the key players you need to know about (beyond Manning and Sherman) and some of the other particulars.

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