Stack the Box in football

Stack the Box

Football Concept: Stack the Box

In football, this is the saying used when the defense puts a lot of players in ‘the box’ which is the imaginary rectangle in front of the offensive line that is the width of the offensive line and about 3-5 yards deep. It means the defense likely thinks the offense is going to run and is trying to prevent them from going very far.

How the saying can be used in real life:

You can use this when you are going above and beyond to prevent something from happening or someone is trying to prevent you from doing something. It’s kind of like having the deck of cards stacked against you. So, let’s say, you are at Filene’s Basement for the bridal gown sale. You know someone else who wants the one dress you want but she had the foresight to bring 4 friends with her to help her get to it first and they are all ex-roller derby players. She just stacked the box against you, but maybe you can call an audible and throw a hail Mary!

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