Special Teams in Football:

There are a several different units that are considered special teams.

Special teams come out on any play that is not a typical offensive or defensive play. For example, the kick off has a special team unit for both the side doing the kicking and the side doing the receiving. Same for punts. Then there are special teams for field goals and point after attempts.  That could be up to eight different groups of personnel. Granted, many are the same, but there are several different needs.

These units are the ones most likely to have players from either the offense or defense on them too. For example, for a kick-off and a punt you need some fast guys not afraid of tackling someone to run as fast as the ball flies after being kicked. For a field goal and a point after attempt, you also have a lot of the same guys. The kicker is usually the same and the center who snaps the ball (the long snapper) as well as many of the linemen.

Other than the key position players, you won’t take notice of many of these folks, but they can make a huge difference in the game.

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