Wow! That was the weirdest Super Bowl I’ve seen in a long while. All the hype. All the excitement and focus on the best offense in the league ever. And then there was the first snap from the line of scrimmage. Oh dear! What on earth! We knew then this might be an interesting game but also were just hoping it was some nerves that would settle down shortly. No such luck for the Broncos fans out there. The best defense came to play!

Seattle scored on offense, defense and special teams before the best offense ever scored their first points. I don’t think anyone saw that coming!

So, does this mean defense is the new offense? Teams are going to continue to grow and build better defenses than they do offenses? Well, if Seattle and Pete Carroll are any example, you don’t have to go and pay ridiculous dollars to huge defensive prospects out of college. You just need to find the right players for your specific style of defense and coach them! What a novelty…actually coaching!

No one thought Pete Carroll, the former head coach at USC (yes, that’s a college team) could do this in the NFL. Well, he has the last laugh now. Not only did he do it with the largest number of undrafted players in the league, but did it in style. He put a major spanking on Peyton who looked so sad that this might be his last game. Not sure if I could retire on that note!

With that game, the football season is officially over. It’s time to be a little depressed but you know what you can do? You can by the Seattle Seahawks fans in your life some cool t-shirts, hats and jerseys to celebrate their victory! The link below takes you to our affiliate, where you’ll find all sorts of great gear (and support Flip the Field in the process).

Seahawks win and Russell Wilson is adorable!

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