First and foremost, we are wives and moms. When not running our households, we are professionals. Yes, we actually have jobs too! Denise works for her local county school system establishing private foundations and Melissa works in commercial real estate performing tenant brokerage.

In addition, we are very passionate about a few of our hobbies and love to share some of this passion with those who want to know more. We both love to cook and entertain and have been blogging for quite some time. Check out our blog, McNack’s Kitchen, where if you have the desire to cook, you can cook and we can help you. We focus on new and experienced home cooks who want to learn more or just need some inspiration to get out of their weekly menu routine.

Additionally, McNack’s offers party coaching services where we help individuals who want to throw a party, not hire a caterer but don’t know where to start. We take the fear out of throwing small and large cocktail and dinner parties, and of course…football parties!

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