Roll Tide (or Rolltide)

What does Roll Tide mean?Roll tide roll

The rally chant for the University of Alabama. It’s said during every kickoff of every game. It is also abbreviated RTR for Roll Tide Roll.

When your mascot is an elephant, who wants to say “Go Elephants, Go!” Alabama became known as the Crimson Tide after a 1906 game against Auburn when they played on a muddy, red clay field and their white uniforms looked more like Crimson.

Truth is, how Roll Tide or Rolltide became the football phrase used all throughout Tuscaloosa, no one truly knows.

How the saying can be used in real life:

Alabama fans will use “Roll Tide” interchangeably with “Hello”, ” Good-bye”, “Good Luck”, “Congratulations”, “What’s for dinner?” and so forth. It’s just part of a good vocabulary (if you are a Bama fan). Truly, unless you are a Bama fan, this expression cannot be used anywhere in real life.

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