Seriously, a week can be the difference between the highs and lows of anything in life whether it is getting dumped by the guy you thought was ‘the one’ one week and meeting someone the next that lights your fire even more. Or maybe its your child getting bullied in school one week and going to the principal’s office the next for fighting back.

Whatever it is, it’s kind of like last week to this week in college football! Ok, I know, that is such a cheesy comparison. But last week in college football sucked. This week was amazing! Great games all around.

College Football Results – Week 5:

The two games of the week we had written about were truly great match-ups. 

UGA defeated LSU by a small margin of 44-41 with an amazing 4th quarter of back and forth down the field. Mettenberger had a TREMENDOUS game against his former team and one of his best friends, Aaron Murray. Congrats to him for standing strong against a hostile crowd and playing so well. Fortunately for Melissa, UGA pulled it out in the end so things in her household were happy and Georgia’s hopes of an SEC championship are still possible.

Ohio State beat out Wisconsin 31-24 in Braxton Miller’s return after a knee injury. There had been some talk about whether or not Miller would be able to keep his job after such great performances by his backup. Miller put that to bed quickly with a stellar performance too. He may be out of the Heisman watch having missed a couple of games, but who knows.

The obvious picks:

If you stuck with the favorites this week, you did well.  Not talking about a lot of these because they should have ended up this way.

  • Oklahoma beat Notre Dame – even though about 40% picked Notre Dame on this one, we still put it in the obvious pick. ND is just overrated this year (again).
  • Texas A&M vs Arkansas – After Arkansas’ devastating loss to Rutgers last week, it was just too hard to get up for a big game again this week against Johnny Football.
  • Clemson vs Wake Forest
  • Missouri over Arkansas St
  • Oregon over Cal
  • Oregon St beat Colorado
  • Pitt beat Virginia
  • Texas St beat Wyoming
  • Florida beat Kentucky – for the 27th consecutive time. Ouch!
  • Miami beat South Florida
  • Washington beat Arizona – Washington has a good team this year. They are still undefeated and will play conference rival Stanford next week who is also undefeated. Should be a good game!

The not so obvious picks:

Alabama vs Ole Miss – Melissa thought this was not such an obvious pick this week, but I knew better. Alabama stopped Ole Miss’ offense for a nice victory to continue to secure their number 1 spot.

Arizona St vs USC – a lot of the commentators thought USC would win this game. Not us. We thought Arizona St would dominate because Lane Kiffin’s kids had really quit on him. Well, now USC has quit Kiffin too.

Iowa vs Minnesota – most of you picked Minnesota to win this one and with a 1.5 point spread it was really just a pick the winner instead of playing the spread.

Stanford vs Washington St – Most probably thought Stanford would win but covering the 10.5 points is a different question. Stanford did it in style though.

UNLV vs New Mexico – this was supposed to be a tight game and it was. UNLV pulled it out and covered the 2.5 point spread (pretty hard not to cover that if you win!).

W. Kentucky vs Navy – who knew?!

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

As I mentioned above, UGA and Ohio State both won but didn’t cover the point spread, so if you picked those teams, you lost the point. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

  • LSU beat Auburn (16.5) 31-25 – The score was closer than the game. LSU really did not have any troubles here.
  • Florida State beat Boston College (21.5) 48-34 – Boston College kept this close for a long time but the freshman phenom at FSU pulled it out.
  • Fresno St beat Hawaii (12.5) 42-37 – Really? How did Hawaii keep it that close.
  • South Carolina beat UCF (7.5) 28-25 – Melissa called this one! UCF played hard and almost pulled this one out. Great game.

The Upsets

The big upset this week was West Virginia beating #11 Oklahoma St. 30-21. Anyone who chose WV was hoping OSU just wouldn’t be able to cover the 18.5 point spread. It was a big shocker they won so don’t beat yourself up for picking Oklahoma St.

Georgia Tech was favored to beat Virginia Tech by 7.5 points, but the Hokies pulled it out and beat the Yellow Jackets 17-10 on a great Thursday night game. The Yellow Jackets just could not pull it back together after there first two drives (where they were moving the ball really well), ended up in turnovers recovered by the Hokies. Football Cliché: You’ve got to hold on to the ball.

New Mexico State was favored to beat SDSU by 17 1/2 points. But, the Aztecs took their first win by beating NMS 26-16. My husband’s team finally has a win! Go Aztecs!

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