Did you know the Pro Bowl is tonight? Do you care the Pro Bowl is tonight?

Well, because no one has really cared about the Pro Bowl for some time, the NFL completely changed the format. Typically, the Pro Bowl is a game against the ‘best’ players of the NFC vs the ‘best’ of the AFC. It is usually played in a fantastic place like Hawaii (as it is again this year) and is a treat for the players and coaches selected to the game.

However, this year, the NFL has two retired players, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice, acting as the ‘coaches’. They held a fantasy football style draft and selected their teams. This year, it is not AFC vs NFC. This might be fun and you certainly have to give the NFL credit for trying something totally different.

Things you should know about the game so you can impress the folks you watch it with.

Pro Bowl 2014 Primer

  • Jerry Rice was one of THE best wide receivers of all time and played for the San Francisco 49ers. he played with amazing quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Steve Young. He is the constant gentleman and everyone loves him.
  • Deion Sanders was an all-purpose player for the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys. He was a punt returner, kick-off returner, wide receiver and corner back. Known to be super fast and super flashy, he may be a bit polarizing but is generally well loved.
  • Usually these games are all offense and the defensive players, although honored to be selected, don’t play too tough. No one wants an injury in this ‘exhibition game’. Maybe that’s why some don’t watch it but I think it makes it kind of fun.
  • The players will joke around with each other, laugh, and generally have a good time. You probably won’t see any of the Sherman mouth tonight.
  • Deion Sanders selected Andrew Luck (Indianapolis), Cam Newton (Carolina) and Nick Foles (Philadelphia) for his QB’s.
  • Jerry Rice selected Drew Brees (New Orleans), Phillip Rivers (San Diego), and Alex Smith (Kansas City) for his QB’s.
  • None of the players on the two best teams will be at the game. I find it kind of sad they don’t get to go since they are playing in the Super Bowl but I guess it is a bit of the ‘spreading the wealth’ as you know any of the players at the Pro Bowl would kill to swap places with a player on Denver or Seattle.

That’s about it. The game is at 7:30 EST. Grab a cold one, sit down with your man and enjoy the game/comedy show!

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