Flip the Field would like to thank our second contributor, Jill Roberts, for her pre-season scouting report on Texas A&M! This is another example of how football is NOT just for the men!

Howdy Ags! I LOVE Texas A&M Football and I’m a HUGE fan! After attending an Aggie football game at Kyle Field (and midnight yell practice the night before), I was easily “sold” on Texas A&M University! There’s nothing like watching a game at Kyle Field in College Station. Who wouldn’t want to be part of one of the biggest, loudest, classiest group of fans in the world?

College Football season is just the BEST time of the year! I’m excited to see what improvements Coach Sumlin has made in the defense this year and I’m wondering if Kenny Hill took it all in from watching Johnny Football last year. Given Kenny’s roots as a player at Southlake Carroll High School and filling in for Johnny Manziel on a few occasions, it is going to be exciting to watch him lead the Aggies down the field and on the scoreboard! Rumor has it that Kenny Hill is the dark horse for the Heisman…only time will tell…and it’s going to be an exciting year!

Our opening game on Thursday, August 28th against the South Carolina Gamecocks should prove to be an interesting and challenging road game. The Gamecocks are ranked slightly higher than the Aggies in the pre-season poll, but the good thing about my Aggies, we seem to perform better when we are the underdog, so I am expecting that while the game will be close, the Aggies will find a way to pull out the win in Columbia. After a difficult road opener, we will host Rice and Lamar, which should be two easy home wins. Then we travel up to Dallas to take on SMU in what will also be a victory in a very Aggie friendly crowd. We head to “Jerry World” or Cowboy Stadium, officially known as AT&T Stadium to play our old Southwest Conference foe Arkansas. I think Arkansas is going to be a tense game and I’m hoping we finally find a way to beat Arkansas in Jerry’s Stadium. (For those of you who don’t know, Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, played for the University of Arkansas when they were part of the Southwest Conference and the Aggies lost at Arkansas all 3 years we played at that stadium!). The Ags travel next to Mississippi State and the following week host Ole Miss. I think we beat the Bulldogs and Ole Miss will be a nail biter, just like last ‘s game – however, we will be on home turf this year, so naturally, we should win!

On October 18th, we head to Tuscaloosa to take on Bama. I’ve got to say, who would have thought the Aggies would have pulled out a win in Tuscaloosa 2 years ago over Alabama?? What were the chances that A&M had an awesome freshman quarterback, who just so happened to go on to be the first freshman Heisman winner…ahh, glory days!! I mean, really, who thought that was even possible?? Since I’d love for my friend Denise to actually publish this article AND remain my friend, we will remain the classiest of football fans and rivals and let our boys fight it out on the field, knowing that WE WILL STILL BE FRIENDS no matter who wins (although I’m betting the Aggies can do it again…we have at least named our starting Quarterback for the season!!). I’m curious what stakes Denise and I will put on the line for the game this year…a friendly bet is always fun!

After a difficult road game in Tuscaloosa, we will have a bye weekend and then host University of Louisiana Monroe at Kyle Field. Then we tread back to Alabama to take on the Tigers of Auburn (or is it War Eagle?? Or both?), which will also prove to be a challenging road game…and we will still be in early November! I’m hoping for wins in Alabama, but realistically, those are going to be 2 tough games this year. The Ags host Missou at Kyle Field, which I think we win and then have a bye week before playing on Thanksgiving.

I’m very excited to have a famous Aggie tradition back…Aggie football will be played on Thanksgiving Day with the A&M/LSU football game this year! The Aggies and the Tigers have had an intermittent rivalry for quite some time (dating back to 1899 if you believe everything you read on Wikipedia!!). After Texas A&M’s move to the SEC, we did not play on Thanksgiving day the last two years, but thankfully (pun intended!), the College Football scheduling gurus brought Turkey Day football back to Kyle Field! In my book, Thanksgiving Day is all about food, family, friends and college football!! What better way to celebrate all the good things in life than with food, family, friends and football?? Pure awesome-ness!

2014 will prove to be an exciting season. I’m predicting my Aggies will finish 10-2 in the regular season. Gig ‘em Aggies!! Whoop!

Who knows, if the Ags perform well in Alabama on our road games, we might even make it to the SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome on December 6th!!

Written by:

Jill Roberts

Texas A&M Scouting Report

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