Note to our readers: We have decided that there is no one better to do pre-season scouting reports than the fans themselves. We have reached out to our friends and followers of NFL and NCAA football who are die hard fans to give us their reports…just as we would for Alabama and GA Tech. That means you are going to get some facts, some opinions, and a whole lot of emotion!!!


Yes, you are reading that correctly! I am a DIE HARD Buffalo Bills fan, have been since I was old enough to know and understand the game. Way back in the day when my Dad had season tickets , I’d go watch the great O.J. Simpson (who all true Bills fans thinks did NOT do it) run past and thru defenses like they weren’t there.

Every year I am optimistic and think (unrealistically) that this is our year and every year about 3-4 games into the regular season I think…here we go again! It’s tough being a Bills fan, but we are die hard and proud. We LOVE our Bills win or lose. We bleed red, white & blue. When the Bills lose (which is often) it ruins the first half of our week. Usually around Wednesday we shake off the Sunday loss and start getting excited about the upcoming game unless it’s a loss to the hated Patriots…then it stings till late Friday, early Saturday. The glory days of 4 straight Super Bowls are all we have…Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Talley, Tasker, etc. Will we ever have a team to achieve what they did? Will we EVER win a Super Bowl?

Let’s look to the upcoming Season. Second year QB EJ Manuel …is he the guy to take us to the playoffs, the Super Bowl, be considered one of the NFL Elites? I think most Bills fans think the same as I do, WE don’t know? We hope, but are not sure only because he really hasn’t done anything to prove he is. He was a rookie last year and hurt some so this year is a chance to show us that he is “THE GUY”. Bills fans believe that the outcome of the season rests on his shoulders meaning we will be as good as EJ is. We have a great running game and loaded backfield with C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson and free agent signee, Bryce Brown from the Eagles. Offensive line is as deep as it’s been for some time which should give EJ time to prove himself as a deep passer. SAMMY WATKINS! Bills fans haven’t been this excited about a draft pick since Bruce Smith. Clemson standout, Bills #1 pick and 4th overall draft pick, Watkins is a STUD!!!!! Watkins is an electric receiver who will demand a lot of attention that will free up other receivers and help EJ. Watkins is a playmaker and will be a lot of fun to watch. On the defensive side of the ball we already had a major loss with the season ending injury to second year linebacker Kiko Alonso but picked up free agent linebacker Brandon Spikes from New England…his leadership and work ethic can do nothing but help the D.

My prediction is a 9-7 season and their first trip to the post season since 1999…then again; this has been my REALISTIC prediction every year since 1999. JUST ONE BEFORE I DIE.

Daniel Parker

Die Hard Buffalo Bills Fan

Preseason Scouting Report: Buffalo Bills

“Thank you, DP for providing such a great scouting on the Bills. We wish your team the best of luck this season. ~ Denise”

Nice season outlook for the Buffalo Bills! I would like to ‘clarify’ your statement above for the non-Bills fan. When you say “the Glory Days of 4 straight Super Bowls”, that is 4 straight Super Bowl appearances and 4 straight losses. Not to rub salt in the wound, but just want to be clear.

In February of 1995, I went to Buffalo, ate at Kelly’s and saw the 4 straight AFC Championship Crystal Ball Trophies. They are beautiful and something to be proud of. It’s a shame that arguably the best guy ever to play quarterback in the NFL does not have a ring.

Thanks for the scouting report! ~ Melissa

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