What is the point of football: Competition

Ok, so what is the point of football? Depending on your perspective, you might think there is absolutely no point to it at all. That’s a deeper conversation about the purpose of competition and about sport in general. So, to get started, we have to fundamentally understand that some people like to compete and some people like to watch people compete and some people would rather we all just get along. This could be anything from football to golf to chess to a spelling bee.

If you think about it, even if you never played competitive sports, you probably still like to compete somewhere in your life…..school? designer clothes? the cutest boy in high school? the Jones’? Just think about it. If you like to compete at anything then you can begin to understand why people like to compete at a sport and then understand what is the point of football.

What is the point of football: Education

But then add in to it how much football or any sport provides kids with a sense of purpose or belonging, and you can really start to get the point. For some, it gives them opportunity that might not have been provided for them otherwise like opening doors to college. FBS college teams (see college football conferences) are allowed to give up to 85 scholarships. That’s 85 kids who have help paying for an education they might not have been able to afford if not for football (let alone all the other sports scholarships). Most of these kids don’t dream about making millions in the NFL. Most of them just love the game and many need the scholarship.

Those that are at the top of their game, they likely dream of making it big in the NFL where union rules require a minimum of $615,000/yr salary (as of 2017) for the backups to the backups. Those that go in the first few rounds of the draft (the process by which potential players are picked by professional teams, think Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire) are guaranteed much larger sums. If you’ve ever dreamed about winning the lottery then you can understand what the dreams are of a talented kid who wants to achieve such a goal.

What is the point of football: Fun

Now, ‘fun’ is in the eye of the beholder. Fun for an avid football fan will be to know the detailed stats of their favorite team and maybe even their favorite conference. For others, fun might just be seeing some really fit guys wearing really tight clothes. For others, fun might be having an excuse to throw a party with folks just to watch a game and drink their favorite beverage.

Whatever your choice, it really doesn’t matter. If you can learn to have fun watching football, then all sorts of doors will open for you.

Just have fun! It’s a game. It’s fun!

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