Oh, there are some really fun pick-up lines for week 6 games. Be sure to read them all. Let us know the reaction when you use them. You are sure to have some heads turn.

“Does anyone else find it odd that the Devil is playing against Mary?” (Arizona St Sun Devils vs Notre Dame in case you did not get it)

“Any chance Baylor can rack up another 70 point game?”

“You know you are in the south when the wild boars are playing gators in the swamp”

“I’m really looking forward to the PAC-12 settling down to just a couple of teams but the North is so much more stacked with Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington”

“Should big burly men have to wear purple all the time? I mean, wearing Pink in October is cool and a bit sexy, but Northwestern’s purple and mirrored helmets are a bit over the top.”

“Whenever UGA plays at Tennessee, it just makes me miss Munson :_( “

“You know Missouri is out of their league in the SEC when Vanderbilt is favored.”

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