“What do you think they’ll call Famous Jameis if he steps up and beats Clemson?”

“Huh (funny smirk on your face and an awkward pause), who knew the ACC was a real conference (depending on who you tell this to be prepared for a high-five and laugh or start backing up and say you were just kidding)?”

“Seriously, 8 SEC teams in the top 25? That’s a record everyone outside of the SEC would have loved to never see happen.”

“It’s hard to believe that neither Notre Dame nor USC are ranked. Today’s game is like the battle of the tallest midget.”

“Every game this week is a must win now for the top 25 teams. It’s getting really exciting knowing they all won’t (e.g. Louisville).”

“What do you think the chances of Alabama, Oregon, Ohio St and the winner of the Clemson/Florida State going undefeated the rest of the season are?”

“Finally!! The ‘real’ BCS rankings are coming out. It would be so fun to see the system put someone other than Alabama as #1. I’d love to see the looks on the faces of their fans.” – obviously written by Melissa

” Auburn vs. Texas A&M. It really is hard to pull for either one of them today.” –obviously written by Denise

“Condi is on the committee! Yay for all women rights everywhere. This will surely finally break that glass ceiling! 😉 “

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